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Hosting with the Most!

Whether it’s your first sit-down dinner or your hundredth cocktail party, there are always a few points of hosting that can get stressful! Here are our tips for hosting the perfect home get-together.

Cushion Your Schedule

Even if it always takes thirty minutes to vacuum the house, budget for forty minutes. Without fail, something (or someone) will delay you in your prep. Instead of stressing and rushing, just budget plenty more time than you usually need. Worst case, you have a few extra minutes to relax…and actually give thought to what Pandora station you pick!

Assign Phone Duty

Day of the event is bound to be a busy one, so instead of stopping what you’re doing to answer a dozen “Be there in 15 min” texts, assign someone in your house to be in charge of guest correspondence. Knowing that your spouse or teen is monitoring all incoming questions and requests will allow you to focus on last-minute prep.

Be Clear To Guests

Ever been invited to a get-together and been frustrated with the ambiguous details? Avoid this same issue for your friends by answering any and all questions in your invite. Details such as attire, parking, firm start times, indoor versus outdoor, and cuisines are all items that are easy to forget, but can prevent a lot of confusion night-of!

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