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Beating the Winter Blues at Home

Regardless of any shadow sightings on Groundhog’s Day, we all know winter is far from over. With leafless tress and gray skies, it’s easy to feel down this time of year. Use this as an opportunity to add life to your home environment! Here are our favorite ways to spruce up your home with mood-boosters all around:

1. Fresh flowers

Of course, nothing adds life to a home like fresh, colorful flowers. Roses and tulips are the perfect way to add a light floral scent and bright springy colors to any table or countertop.

2. Scented candles

While we’re all about cozy, spicy scents in the fall, it’s time to add in some candles with cheery scents like citrus, lavender, and fresh linens to wake up your home.

3. Pops of color

We love maintaining a neutral color palette, but adding in small touches of springy hues is an easy, temporary way to compliments neutrals while cheering up the home. Look for knit throws, tea towels, throw pillows, and even lampshades in hues like mustard, fuchsia, and Kelly green.

4. Cleaning products

Nothing inspires spring cleaning quite like nice-smelling cleaning products! Opt for cleaners with grapefruit and eucalyptus, and there’s no need to stop with home cleaning – look for hand soaps that have bright, happy scents as well!

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