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Keene Taylor’s son Talbot is an Eagle Scout with Troop 90 Boy Scouts. Keene loves to spend time with the troop, who volunteer, hike, camp, and stay active in their community. From building bonfires to building an information kiosk for the Audubon Society, this group of boys love learning, helping, and participating in the world around them. Thanks for giving back, Keene and Talbot!

Check out some of their scouting adventures below.

Talbot and Keene at Window Rock in New Mexico (part of the 12-day High Adventure trip, Philmont).

Troop 90 at summer camp with the Honor Oar, which they won for most “ship-shape” campsite.

Enjoying a bonfire at Goshen summer camp in Southwestern Virginia.

Talbot and others working on his Eagle project: build a new information kiosk for the Audubon Society.

Call and Connect with Keene

To learn more about the positive impact of Eagle Scouts around our community, call Keene at 202.321.3488

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