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Get Your Home Ready for Back to School!

Many of us are starting to gear up for the school year with new backpacks and uniforms, but let’s not forget about getting your home ready too! Brace for the impact of a new school year with these helpful tips for home:

1. Communication is key

With so many activities, sports, and study groups, it’s easy for a family to lose track of who needs to go where and when. Keep an easy-to-use calendar hung in a common area that everyone can reference and add to as needed.

2. Set Them Up for Success

Simplify your morning routines by setting up the kids with a self-service routine. Make school clothes easy for them to find and pick out, a shoes and socks setup, and even a build-your-own lunch station with a variety of items they can mix and match themselves. This all translates to more coffee time for you!

3. The After-School Routine

It’s easy for chaos to ensue when kids get home from school. Backpacks are thrown down, shoes kicked off, and snacks requested immediately. Come up with a system that encourages putting things away right when they walk in the door, and knowing exactly where to go for a snack they can fix themselves.

4. Special Spaces

As kids get older, homework requirements become more strenuous. Help set up special spaces for older kids to focus on their homework free from distractions, with relaxing colors, a comfy desk chair, and good lighting.

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