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Adapting and Achieving, No Matter What

The Taylor Agostino Team is dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs during this trying and unprecedented time while ensuring the health and safety of all. We wanted to bring you some positive news and share a text message sent by one of our clients. Recently, we helped our client and his crew pack-out their house in Chevy Chase. The sellers of the property were “trapped” at their new house in Milwaukee, and we stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Below is the text message:

“I’m sure u know this already but your realtor is the best I’ve ever seen - the most hands on and detailed I’ve ever seen !!! U would think he’s related to u guys the way he took care of things at the house and took care of us !! 24 years in this business I’ve never seen anything like it.”

We’re proud to be moving forward with our business during the COVID-19 crisis, and will continue helping our clients with one of the most important financial decisions of a lifetime. We know now more than ever how important our home is to each and every one of us. We hope everyone is staying safe and positive!

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