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Combat the Winter Blues

Punxsutawney Phil claims there will be 6 more weeks of winter. To combat the winter blues here are some tips on how to upgrade your home and make it a cosy place to wait for spring!

Display Flowers- Adding flowers to your decor is a cheap and easy way to upgrade your space and make it look more expensive. It also will bring some life into your home which will help when the snow is covering the ground!

Invest in a New Pillow or Throw- Seasonal sadness won’t get you down if after coming in from the bitter outdoors you have a warm bright throw pillow and a new book to greet you when you walk in.

Try Something New- Winter can get a little boring. Outside is grey and it’s too cold to want to go out all the time. Try something new, invest in a new cookbook and cook up a fresh meal. Buy a cute and colorful book to double as a festive decoration in your home.

Create a Cosy Corner- Need a break? Create a cosy corner for you to relax in during these long winter months. It’ll be extra relaxing if you add a vanilla scented candle and a warm cup of tea!

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