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Staying Organized While Moving

Moving can be oh-so stressful without a good plan, so be sure to stay ahead of the chaos with these helpful tips!

1. Chart, Don’t List

While a regular to-do list may cut it during normal life, there are too many pieces of information to lose track of during a move. Instead, use a chart, including columns for point of contact, current status, and completion deadline.

2. Remove Added Stressors

We all love our children and pets, but sometimes temporarily removing them from the moving situation can make all the difference! Lean on friends and family to help you get them out of the house, allowing you some focused adult-decision time.

3. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Pizza two nights in a row? Forgot to call Pepco again? You’re human! Don’t make a move even more stressful by beating yourself up for the little mistakes that are bound to happen. Keep in mind that everything will eventually get done, and soon enough your family can start enjoying your beautiful new home together!

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