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The Gift of Quality Time Together

Dreading your holiday gift-shopping trips as much as your growing pile of items to re-gift? There’s no need to give gifts to the nines just to feel festive during the holidays. This year, try out an alternative to gift giving that will help you focus on spending time and making memories with loved ones instead.

Volunteer Together

Make a difference while spending time with family by volunteering at your local shelter or soup kitchen. Little ones are sure to remember that this is a season of giving, not receiving.

Explore the Outdoors

Take advantage of light traffic on Christmas day and take a day trip to explore the outdoors! Enjoy a winter hike with family, and don’t forget the thermos of hot chocolate to share.

Make New Traditions

No need to scrap hanging out in pajamas all morning, simply replace the unwrapping with a new shared activity. Try baking cookies, playing a favorite game, or watching a holiday movie marathon.

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