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Open House

Having an open house is great option to bring in potential buyers. Prepping and staging your home is a must if you’re holding an open house.

  • You definitely don’t want buyers to turn around before they even step into your home, so make sure to enhance your curb appeal.

  • Declutter - this seems obvious, however make certain to get rid of unnecessary amount of things on your counters, bookshelves and closets. Get rid of personalized things such as family photos and memorabilia. Remove large appliances from counters, and pieces of furniture throughout the home to avoid overcrowding of the space. Keep it minimal because buyers need to be able to visualize the home as if it were there own.

  • Clean - this means all surfaces including counters, polish the wood flooring and shampoo the carpets. If you have time, give your home a fresh new paint job as well.

  • Repairs - tighten those leaky faucets and make sure all the light switches are in working order.

  • Staging - this is kind of the fun part where you get to decorate the space with vases of fresh flowers, staging your kitchen, rooms and bathrooms like a hotel with a pristine and clean look.

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