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Making a Difference in Your Neighborhood

In January, we’re often inspired more so than usual to give back to those around us, but it can be a bit overwhelming to find a starting point. Don’t forget there are many ways big and small to help right in your neighborhood. Here is a checklist to get you started:

1. Support your public services

By frequenting your local parks, playgrounds, and libraries, you are helping prioritize local funding for these community services. Show your support by showing up!

2. Pick up litter

Start carrying a large plastic bag or Ziploc with you that you can use to pick up and carry litter to the nearest garbage can. Small efforts like these can add up to a more beautiful neighborhood!

3. Help an elderly neighbor

Whether you help with groceries, cook a meal, or salt a walkway, it’s the little things that count with assisting the elderly around you. This also shows you are someone who can be reached in an emergency, giving everyone piece of mind.

4. Stop to help the homeless

You don’t necessarily have to hand out change to every homeless person you pass – call the DC hotline for homeless services to help get them to a warm and safe environment for the night, especially during these chilly times. This number is: 202.399.7093

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