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Winter Fun for the Whole Family

Don’t let the weather get your family down! Lucky for us, there’s plenty to do around the DC area, even in winter. Here are our personal favorites:

1. Catch a show at Avalon Theatre

You can’t beat this Chevy Chase staple. Join the Avalon Theatre for their weekend family matinees every Saturday, which range from puppet shows to family-friendly live music.

2. Hot Chocolate Showdown

Spend the day touring the city and have your kids help you discover the best hot chocolate in town. For older kids, you can make a “rubric” with different categories to grade on. At the end of the day, tally up your scores and find your winner…and be sure to let us know your pick!

3. Catch up on museums

It’s easy to take the Smithsonians for granted when we live here. With the exception of holiday weekends, winter is the perfect time to visit these museums before the rush of spring and summer tourists add to the crowds.

4. Staycation!

Because of fewer travelers in the winter, many hotels have significantly reduced rates this time of year. Book a nice hotel room for a night and treat the family to a staycation. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the small thrills of indoor swimming pools, room services, and cutely folded towels.

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