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Top 5 Reasons We Love Raising Kids in the DMV

The DC area is a fantastic place for job opportunities, nightlife, and the foodie scene, but how does our area fare for little ones? We love raising our families in the DMV, and here are our top reasons why:

  1. Museums

We’re pretty sure this tops everyone else’s lists too! Having some of the world’s best museums (and most of them free!) right in our backyards makes for a childhood filled with learning beyond the classroom.

  1. Big City Opportunity with a Small-Town Feel

DC offers the experience, exposure, and opportunities of a big city, however with our shorter city buildings, numerous family-oriented neighborhoods, and a culture that’s a twist of Northern and Southern, we enjoy a flavor of small-town in DC.

  1. Diversity

While most big cities offer diversity, DC is heads and tails above the rest with our international community hailing from all corners of the world to our embassies and more.

  1. Access to the World

Hop on a train to New York, fly out of Dulles to Iceland…whatever DC does not offer, it’s a quick trip away for the family!

  1. Abundant Resources

Our area is filled with more schools, parks, and community centers than you can count, not to mention the fantastic network of fellow families who are eager to welcome newcomers.

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