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Coming Soon! DC plogging! Come and join the Taylor Agostino Group!

Yes, you read that correctly. Not blogging, not jogging, but plogging! Plogging originated in Sweden, and in Swedish, "plocka upp" means picking up, so when you combine it with "jogging" you get "plogging."

TAG will supply the bags, gloves and the fun! Just show up at the designated street and join in the community to help clean up our streets. Come and meet new people and help beautify our city.

Keep an eye out for upcoming dates to join The Taylor Agostino Group.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to and see the schedule and meet up points.

  2. All you need is your running/walking attire and you are ready to go! Not only are you benefiting your health but you are also creating a more pleasant environment!

  3. It is for everyone! Bring the kids and don't forget your dog! If you prefer to walk or run plogging can accommodate everyone.

  4. Get ready to have fun, meet your neighbors and clean up our streets!

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