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One of A Kind Kitchen

How many houses have you visited in the past few years? Have you noticed how most of the houses have monochrome/neutral color kitchens? And in a jungle of monochrome designs, we found this one of the kind kitchen in a DMV local home.

The kitchen utilizes the hot color scheme to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Since the room has a lot of windows, the sunlight helps preventing the color from being too “dull" and dark down the kitchen. Instead, the area is lightened up with bright red and a rainbow of colors on the ceiling. To personalize the kitchen, the homeowner has added some cute and unique home decor, such as sculptures of animals, decorative plates, etc. With this, the kitchen looks less like a “showroom," and provokes a more “homie" feeling. With the warm and bright red dominating the room, this helps boost up one's appetite and mood.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. How does your kitchen look like? Let us know how you decorate your kitchen in the comment below!

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