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Technology and Persistence lead to another Real Estate Success Story for TAG Clients!

Despite many restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 situation, some real estate business is still being safely accomplished. In addition to social distancing, recent technology advances are playing a key role in these success stories.

Earlier this week TAG clients who are still trapped overseas were able to close the sale of their DC condo remotely, via the use of emerging technologies which allow for a virtual notary to authenticate their execution of the settlement papers.

Things looked bleak for them when the virus shutdown began because there was no access to a US Embassy or consulate office in our clients’ location. However, working with KVS Title and the Notarycam app, TAG was able to save our clients’ transaction when it looked like no option was available to get closing papers notarized.

This solution allowed for completion of our clients’ sale while preserving their health and safety (as well as that of the various transaction professionals who helped make this success possible).

Feel free to contact Steve or Keene to hear more about we are helping our clients achieve their critical, time sensitive real estate goals in a safe and responsible manner. We are confident and motivated in finding new ways to adapt in order to better serve our clients during this unprecedented time.

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