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Steve's "Sabbatical" - Part 2

The word sabbatical has a new meaning! This is the new 2.0 version of work life balance. ​

TAG Has Gone International!

It was so heartwarming to receive so many positive calls, emails and texts from all of you when I announced my plans to live in Italy! I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have made so many meaningful friendships with clients over the last 30 years!

You may have noticed that “Steve’s Sabbatical” has become “Sabbatical 2.0” and that the word Sabbatical is in quotes. In talking with several of you, it became clear that the previous title was causing some confusion and the general impression that I would be “checking out” for a year. While I won’t be here on the ground, I will be available and involved from afar. I’ll be happy to consult, advise and share my expertise. Just about the only thing I can’t do is physically be here – with tools like FaceTime even that is not an issue. Covid-19 surely taught us how to provide great service with little or no contact. Of course, the vast majority of you may not need my help while I’m away, but for those who do, rest assured we have you covered.

The other big news is that JoJo Spallone is joining our team as a sales associate! JoJo has done several transactions with us over the years and has referred dozens of wonderful clients our way. You may be one of them! JoJo brings years of experience from the lending world, an incredible eye for design and a deep knowledge of the local area. Look for a future post down the road introducing her in depth and inviting you to an opportunity to meet her.

In my last post I mentioned that we also have set up a relationship with the Erich Cabe Team. By aligning ourselves with Erich, we now can help you and your friends in all of the DMV! We chose to create this relationship with Erich because he shares our business philosophy; know your market, work hard, and most importantly be honest and treat everyone fairly.

In my next post I’ll highlight an upcoming client appreciation event and dive into some of the logistics required to up and move your life to Italy. Take it from me, e’ complicato!

A presto,



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