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Steve's "Sabbatical" - Part 3

The word sabbatical has a new meaning! This is the new 2.0 version of work life balance. ​


Sunday was the Giostra del Saracino here in Arezzo. It’s basically a jousting skills competition where knights on horseback speed through Piazza Grande with the goal of striking a target held by Burratto - a Saracen mannequin. Here’s a short video of a pass.

Arezzo is divided up into 4 neighborhoods and each has a team in the event comprised of two cavalieri (riders) Each team has its colors and logo just like with modern day sports. We are living in the Spirito Santo quarter. Forza blue and gold!

The day kicked off with a proclamation by the “Duke” followed by a procession through town complete with drummers, flag twirlers, archers, and various forms of men in arms. The entire day really felt like life in a living fairy tale.

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the event and I was seated next to two boys around 8 or so years old. Each was rooting for a different squad. As it turned out the two teams they were cheering for were tied and entered into a playoff. My grip of the language is far from perfect, but I overheard the mother of one of the boys telling the two that no matter who won, it had been a beautiful day and a glorious event. She was right and I was struck by the fact that just like at home, mothers often dispense the wisest advice.

Sporting the team colors

A presto!



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