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We did it again! Another successful transaction. Here's what are clients have to say.

To Whom It May Concern:

My brother and I recently engaged Keene Taylor for the sale of our mother’s apartment in Washington, DC. At the same time, we were managing the move of our mother from one nursing home to another in a different state, a major complicating distraction. My brother and I both live out of town and thus needed as hands-on a real estate agent as was possible. Moreover, we lead typically hectic lives, with jobs, families, etc. pulling at our energies and time. We needed help! We needed someone who got it!

Happily, the apartment sale process went so smoothly that we would like to share a few thoughts with Keene’s prospective clients in the hopes that they will benefit as much as we did.

By way of background, Keene and his mother Nancy had handled several real estate transactions for my parents over the years, going back decades. We knew our parents had been grateful for their guidance, and so that was the basis for approaching Keene when needing to sell our mother’s apartment in the summer of 2021.

From the start, it was apparent that Keene knew exactly how to handle the sale. Not only was he familiar with the neighborhood and comparable apartment houses, but he knew the precise building where our mother had lived. In our initial discussion, he explained the sales process and preparation timeline with great clarity. He told us exactly how the apartment should be emptied of most of its contents, painted and repaired, and staged, which he managed swiftly. Then he researched the market value and discussed with us a price range and the strategies inherent in various prices. We followed his guidance completely. And the results spoke for themselves: four bids within several days, all at or above the asking price, and two all-cash. He helped us sort through the various terms of the bids, and we were able to quickly agree to a sale.

Because the apartment was in a co-op, there were several layers of complexity that Keene handled adroitly. There were pesky but important details involving keys, a storage unit we’d never seen, building repairs, the building’s loading dock, co-op papers, District of Columbia forms, movers, etc. In all of this, Keene kept us up to date and well-informed. The fact that neither my brother nor I could attend the closing in person meant there was another layer of emailed documents on top of the physical logistics.

The end result was this: We sold the apartment successfully, in the time frame we needed, and at a very good price. My brother and I could not be more pleased with the results and we know that the successful sale was the result of Keene’s experience and excellent judgment. We wholeheartedly recommend him to others.


Colin and Dana Harrison


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