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What will Halloween look like during COVID?

It's without a doubt that Halloween simply won’t be the same this year, but we’re happy to see our neighbors making the effort to plan safe activities. For some, the biggest worry is how to go about trick-or-treating - either with kids or handing out candy at the door - but we think there are many safe and creative ways to go about it.

For one, we should stick to the rules that we learned this year; avoid having large groups of people, avoid indoor settings for parties, wear a mask, and remember that it's always safer to be outside. This means that you should encourage your kids to go with a small group of friends, and plan a costume that a mask can easily go with - such as a ninja, a doctor, spiderman, batman, etc.

For those giving out candy, it might be safer to make individually wrapped bags and leave them on a bowl outside for kids to grab and go. Or find another creative way to give out candy without letting kids congregate outside your door.

Whatever variation of festivities you choose to do, we at TAG wish you a safe and fun Halloween!

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